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You are standing on narrow road through the dense forest, which at this juncture splits into many. The sounds of the local wildlife fill your ears, the only companions on your journey towards the horizon. You have heard there is a castle nearby and your exploratory spirit has led you this far. Out of the corner of your eye you notice a sign, and stop to read it...

"Please continue on down this road to reach my castle, fair traveller. Bear in mind it is ever changing, as the realms within are always under construction and revision, but it is nevertheless ready to welcome newcomers and citizens alike through its Ivory Gates. Please do not hesitate to give your comments and suggestions for improvement." --

Lunar: Illusions of Grandeur Saga - Lunar-based IRCRPG I GM. Now in its 2nd incarnation! Winter
"Winter" image Delight Prescott's Fantasy Art
Secret of Mana: Seeds of Destruction - Seiken Densetsu based IRCRPG I GM'd.
Wild Arms: Steel Savior - Logfile archive for the Wild Arms based IRCRPG by Gayo.
Lunar: Stranger Awakenings - Logfile archive for the Lunar based IRCRPG by Donovan.
Final Fantasy: Unlimited Dreams - Reference page for a FF-based IRCRPG in planning.
Exalted Wiki Page - Reference page for my projects involving the Exalted gaming system.
Star Army Wiki Page - Reference page for my projects involving the SARP scifi gaming system.
The List - An Updated List of all IRCRPGs I am/was involved in & those under development.
Jessie Shrine - Dedicated to a small, but strong FF7 supporting character which I admire.

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